Free online mining game about cryptocurrency

Free online mining game about cryptocurrency

Welcome on! Thanks to this website you can win a batch of cryptocurrency freely, simply and effortlessly.

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How to win cryptocurrency for free?

The principle of our mining game is simple, you only need to create an account in two minutes with your mail address.

Then connect yourself in order to start mining Monero (an alternative to Bitcoin that privatizes your transactions) and thus accumulate your chances to win the crypto jackpot! To mine, you only have to keep your session opened of your browser during some minutes to realize hashes and earn one or several tickets in order to be registered as a participant for the random draw of the week.

Participate now at the best free mining game of the blockchain and attempt every week to win Moneros, it is a 100% free!

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Participate in the game and win the crypto jackpot

Still looking for the best cryptocurrency game? With Crypto777 you do not spend a dime and you can try to win a huge crypto jackpot! Indeed there are more and more crypto games, for example, who have not yet talked about CryptoKitties a game that became famous for successfully overloading and slowing down the Ethereum network. Following the success of this game many other projects have attempted to copy the principle and thus create new games like CryptoCities or CryptoCelebrities. All these initiatives are good but the rate of use is still too low to talk about a real adoption and the problem certainly comes from the costs associated with these games, in fact each interaction in the game leads to transaction costs because of the architecture of the Ethereum network.

Fortunately all of its scalability problems on cryptos are being resolved, take EOS for example, this blockchain is already able to execute more than 5000 transactions per second and decentralized application developers have understood, many projects and especially online games have migrated to EOS. Take for example EOSBet, it is one of the best casino games available on the market, plus they have a license and in addition players like you and me can generate a dividend by accumulating BET tokens! Try it fast but be careful not to lose your valuable EOS. Play with EOSBet!

The online betting sites is good but you have to pay to play, so if you want to play a crypto game for free and try to get rich by winning a crypto jackpot. The best is to play our free mining game.

Play to our nice crypto game to earn Bitcoin for free

How does it work?

A script developed by CoinHive uses you processor to check blockchain transaction on the crypto Monero servers (XMR). Participating to the mining you use your computer power of calculation in order to check transactions, in this way you accumulate hashes which will automatically be converted into tickets.

Accumulate as far tickets as possible to multiply your chances to win the virtual money jackpot! A random draw takes place every Monday to determine who earn 70% of the Monero amount generated by the mining made by every participants of the week.

The 30% remaining are shared in two parts: 10% are reversed to people in need or to charitable association and the 20% are to pay developments costs and management of the project.

The mining script is executed on the dashboard and runs in background, so you can keep working on your computer at the same time that the mining performs. You can adjust the script power to increase or slow down the speed of mining and in this way calibrate in function of your needs in CPU to work in parallel of mining.

If the number of participants is not enough significant, it may arrive that the minimum threshold of 0.5 monero (XMR) will not be reached during the week. In this case, there is no problem, monero generated by the participants will be reported on the next week and so on until the threshold be reached.

To receive the price the draw winner simply needs a monero wallet. It exists several ways to obtain a monero wallet. We advise you to use MyMonero which is simple of using and 100% online, you don’t need to install software on your computer.

Try to win the jackpot and become billionaire!

Legality of the game

The game being free it is consequently legal under the law of gaming and lottery services. It doesn’t belong to gambling category indeed. Several similar projects of lottery financed by ads have already been created. As a matter of fact, mining is a process close to ads. The industry CoinHive which has realize the mining system address in particular to developer in order to give an alternative to the display of ads to monetize websites or blogs.

For more information about the legality of online games


To mine a cryptocurrency is usually a task reserved to persons who have great knowledge about the principle of blockchain (to see article about principle of the blockchain) but also on computing as much on the hardware part than on the software part. As a matter of fact, it’s necessary to special computer with a graphic card which is optimized for the hashing. Then it’s required to install and configure mining software and register to a mining pool. So a quite long and complex task for most people. With our service, mining cryptocurrency is now open to the general public and anyone can participate to the hashing plus to win a good amount of monero. You can conserve it in your wallet or sell it and cash directly money in whichever currency like the Euro or the Dollar for example. All that in less than 2 minutes! Nice, no?

Play our free cryptogame for free!

Historic of the crypto game

February 2018: Start of the project and of the first random draw!

June 2018: Writing of content and articles on games and apps on cryptocurrency!

September 2018: Every week dozens of players try to win the Monero jackpot!

January 2019: For this new year, we will continue our efforts to make you always win more prizes!

Last winners of the crypto game

Find right here every week the new rich winner of the cryptocurrency jackpot games! Who’s next?

Week 2018-08: Alucard (yce*******@****.com) wins 1C7G for the first week of the game. 2 121 984 Hashes were made this first week. That's a total of 0.00007 XMR. The minimum threshold has not been exceeded. Patience ... As soon as the site is known things will go much faster ...

Week 2018-09: Alucard (yce*******@****.com) wins 1C7G for the second week of the game. 3 700 984 Hashes were made this first week. That's a total of 0.00012 XMR. The minimum threshold has not been exceeded. Patience ... And remember to share the game with your friends.

Week 2018-10 : Alucard (yce*******@****.com) wins 1C7G for the third week of the game. 5 444 352 Hashes were made this first week. That's a total of 0.00018 XMR. The minimum threshold has not been exceeded. Patience ... We move slowly but surely...

Week 2018-11: Potito (pier*****@****.com) comes dethrone Alucard after its magnificent series of three consecutive victories. Thanks to him. Potito wins 1C7G wins 1C7G for the third week of the game. 6 404 000 Hashes were made this first week. That's a total of 0.00021 XMR. The minimum threshold has not been exceeded. Patience ... We move slowly but surely...

Week 2018-xx : Each week Crypto777 offers tokens to all draw participants, play and accumulate your own tokens for free!

Try to win the jackpot

Try to pick up the jackpot now, and be part of the new millionaire in cryptocurrency! Register yourself now to participate to the next random draw and become the big winner!

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