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Bitcoin: Understanding and making money

In 2018 who never heard about Bitcoin? Now that the average exchange rate of this electronical money took of the Medias have mentioned the subject! And yet, at its creation in 2008, several months later than the financial markets crisis only some insiders were able to start using this new binary money, decentralized and unforgeable thanks to p2p principle.

Bitcoin: The cryptos jackpot

It works thanks to source code which is installed on several computers (node) in order to store data (blockchain), its inventor used a principle of wallet which is nothing else than a text file created by the user and it must preserve in a safe place. This file is composed by a private key and a public key. The private one permits to access to the wallet and to make payments while the public one is shared by other persons in order to make payments to the wallet of the beneficiary.

In addition of being totally innovative, this money is also free, it means it’s independent of international monetary system and thus the States, nations and central banks in opposition of a fiduciary money as the Euro, the Dollar or the Swiss Franc, they are also called paper money as a result of the availability in bills. Those fiduciary moneys are printed electronically in a possibly infinite quantity by central banks, it’s what we call monetary mass or also the injection of liquidity which takes place during crisis to salve the international financial system.

Few years later, following the success of Bitcoin, new cryptographic moneys, called altcoin for the alternative of Bitcoin, emerge on the market like the Ethereum, the Ripple, the Litecoin, the Cardano, the Neo and the Monero, this last one is the money used by our free online game on the browser.

By the end of the 2017 year cryptocurrencies global market realizes a new record and reaches a record capitalization of 800 billion of US dollars, this increase is of course linked with the medialization of Bitcoin. Another factor of this increase is the limited quantity to 21 million of Bitcoin which make it a good as valuable as gold or silver. This limit causes a gradual increase of prices in the time. The las factor of this increase is the integration of Bitcoin into traditional financial markets like stock exchanges. As a matter of fact Bitcoin has become at the end of the 2017 year a financial product exchanged by traders via forex which is the currency market but also via binary options of buying and selling and equally on term contracts with expiration more or less long.

It exists excellent guides to understand how cryptocurrencies function more in details but it’s not our goal to go more specifically in details in the functioning or to explain how to buy Bitcoin. For this, it exists websites like La maison du Bitcoin. On our website, you will simply find a free casino game and accessible to the greatest possible number of people which permits to win money online thanks to crypto mining, I invite us to try now!

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